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What can I expect from Kyudo?

Kyudo is a martial art that focuses on personal development and is dependent on your individual growth. The foundation in technique is important and is a path that is generally taken slow, with many finding the process long before they find themselves comfortable. If you enjoy a quiet martial art that allows you to focus on improving yourself, Kyudo might be for you.

Outside of Japan, Kyudo has a small community internationally. Throughout your journey, there will be opportunities for you to meet like-minded people around Australia and the world and make life-long friendships. If you are so inclined, you will also be able to participate in international Kyudo events such as seminars and shinsa (ie. Dan gradings), though they are not compulsory. 

Whilst some practitioners enjoy exploring a spiritual aspect to the martial art, it is not a requirement nor is it expected of you. However, Kyudo is more than just shooting with a bow and arrow, and does come with actions that are more ceremonial in nature and a certain level of etiquette. The following video by Japan Video Topics is a great summary:


Demonstrations and Events

As WAKA is run entirely voluntary by its members these requests would be highly dependent on the availability of those members and the nature of the event.

Please contact us for further enquiries.

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