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Beginners Course

Absolute Beginners Course now filling!

Hi All. From 17th of November to13th of December 2015 the next Kyudo 8 lesson beginners course will be held. The cost will be $125 and include the official Kyudo training Manual (A.N.K.F book) and a Gomu-Yumi. We have limited places available so please make your booking soon by contacting us on this page for details or

email .


Session 1 Hassetsu (Tuesday 17 Nov) Give Kyudo manual, see the stages in action during Taihai as senior student explains what’s happening. Then spend the lesson going thru the stages with an “air” bow.

Session 2 Gomu-yumi (Sunday 22 Nov) Go through Hassetsu using a gomu-yumi following timing of senior students shooting on the range

Session 3 Subiki (Tuesday 24 Nov) Standing behind senior students and using a bow with no arrow go through the hassetsu following the timing of senior students

Session 4 Makiwara (Sunday 29 Nov) Using makiwara arrows shoot at a close range target standing in the line of senior students shooting on the range – follow senior students timing.

Session 5 Taihai (Tuesday 1 Dec) Follow behind senior students and start to learn taihai

Session 6 Makiwara (Sunday 6 Dec) – same as session 4

Session 7 Tahai (Tuesday 8 Dec) Same as session 5

Session 8 Range shoot (Sunday 13 Dec) Student is permitted to shoot on the 28m range with guidance by senior student

At the conclusion of the Beginners course the students will be invited to join the Budokan Academy/WAKA/AKA organization and become a full member. Fees etc will be advised before the conclusion of the course

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