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Required Reading

KYUDO MANUAL Published by Z.N.K.R


This is the English translation of the first volume of the standard core text for the ANKF kyudo, and contains a wealth of detailed information. The philosophical parts of the text are quite dense and difficult but well worth multiple readings, say, once or twice a year as you progress in your training. The practical information is extremely good and detailed, but only really comes to life as a complement to training with a teacher, so it's more of a reference than an do-it-yourself guide. The questions for the written part of the ranking tests come mostly from this book, so it's essential for that.


Available locally for WAKA members for $45.00 (Contact Peter Carr)

Kyudo: The Essence and Practice of Japanese Archery


In Kyudo: The Essence and Practice of Japanese Archery, Hideharu Onuma and his American co-authors, Dan and Jackie DeProspero, explain in detail both the spiritual and practical aspects of kyudo. Written with both novices and advanced students in mind, the book is presented in simple, straightforward language and features hundreds of detailed illustrations, supplemented by rare photographs of Master Onuma, clearly demonstrating the fundamental techniques and daily practice of this form of "standing Zen." 

Including chapters on equipment and kyudojo construction, Kyudo: The Essence and Practice of Japanese Archery is the most comprehensive reference work on the subject available. Special sections on problem solving and shitsu (errors) also make it a unique teaching and learning resource, and the concluding shiteimondo (teacher-student dialogue) provides unparalleled insights into the thoughts and teachings of a true master of the martial arts.


Available from Amazon

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