As Kyudojin most of out practice is spent in quiet introspection. We focus on training and the truth, goodness and beauty of our chosen art. However, there are brief moments of celebration where the achievements of others are recognized and the sake flows freely. These are the times we may remember when we are struggling or facing adversity in our progress, we remember, Ganbarimashita, I did my best. 

N.Z. Shinsa 2017 Success

Congratulations to WAKA members

Neville Browning - graded to 3rd DAN

Peter Carr - graded to 2nd DAN

Kerry Harris - graded to 2nd DAN

President’s Report for New Zealand Shinsa 2017 and Future Events


The New Zealand Kyudo Federation did an outstanding job in setting up the seminar. The venue and the organisation was impressive.


The Australian contingent performed extremely well. Everyone going for shodan and nidan passed their gradings.

In keeping with what was happening in general, those testing for sandan and the person testing for yondan were not quite as successful. However, Australia does now have another three sandans.

2nd WAKA Kyudo Championship Results – 27th November 2016.

State Individual Championship Event (Gold Arrow Trophy)

1st Place:                Graeme Wan

2nd Place:               Sean Koh

3rd Place :               Peter Carr/Toby Stewart


State Individual Double Hit Championship Event (Black Arrow Trophy)

Winner:                  Moe Schoknecht


State Team Championship Event (Green Arrow Trophy)

Winning Team:   Peter Carr/ Azrid Badawi/ Neville Browning

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Nagoya Shinsa Success 2016

Australian Attendees of the 5th Asia-Oceania Semiar & Shinsa

Congratulations to WAKA members Kerry Harris, Paddy Then and Brenton Schokecht on passing Shodan Kyudo: Rachel Carr and Neville Browning for passing Nidan Kyudo at the 5th International Kyudo Shinsa in Nagoya this afternoon. Commiserations to all who were unsuccessful - the standards demnanded were high this year and it shouldn't be any other way. We will be working harder at training and will do even better next year in Auckland, NZ 7-10 April 2017.


2015 WAKA Championships

Official Results:
1st WAKA Kyudo Championship Results – 15th November 2015.


State Individual Championship Event (Gold Arrow Trophy)
1st Place: Toby Stewart (pictured)
2nd Place: Rachel Carr
3rd Place : Diego Levia

State Individual Double Hit Championship Event (Black Arrow Trophy)
1st Place: Moe Schoknecht
2nd Place: Rachel Carr
3rd Place: Brenton Schoknecht

State Individual Open Championship Event (Silver Arrow Trophy)
1st Place: Moe Schoknecht
2nd Place: Chiharu Fukumoto
3rd Place: Rachel Carr

State Team Championship Event (Green Arrow Trophy)
1st Place: Team 1: Ramon Lawrence; Chiharu Fukumoto; Rachel Carr; Moe Schoknecht
2nd Place: Team 2: Toby Stewart; Diego Leiva; Brenton Schoknecht; Peter Carr

State Open Team Championship Event (Red Arrow Trophy)
1st Place: Team 1: Moe Schoknecht; Ramon Lawrence; Toby Stewart; Diego Leiva
2nd Place: Team 2: Chiharu Fukumoto; Rachel Carr; Brenton Schoknecht; Peter Carr


Event Photos to follow soon...

Kaichu Award - Neville Browning

12th April 2015

About eighteen months ago, a few martial arts students from Budokan Academy in Canning Vale decided to extend their training to the study of traditional Japanese Archery – Kyudo.

We made some targets, purchased bows, arrows and gloves on line from Japan and commenced training...

Nagoya Shinsa Success 2015

11th April 2015

Congratulations to WAKA Shodan & Nidan candidates on passing Shinsa today.

Nagoya Shinsa Success 2014

April 2014

Congratulations to Ramon Lawrence (OAM). The first member of WAKA to Grade to Shodan. 3rd Asia and Oceania Kyudo Seminar - Nagoya 2014

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